Good News

I’m not canceling my account :). I found out about the ignore feature x3

Account Removal

sorry to all my friends who follow this account but I need to remove it due to a psycho-bitch named srwolf98 (Courtney) it’s a Long story but if you run into her, stay away. she’s a succubus.


Eurobeat Brony - Discord (The Living Tombstone Remix) (The Electric Cheese Remix) by Si McClure for yatooma25


Lil Pulp Fiction (TODD) by Trenedey for yatooma

I’m waiting until Valve says something before I believe in this gmod virus bullshit lol

It means a lot more than you think to say you Love something.

Interesting Thing to do when bored

1) go to google maps
2) set the directions setting to walking
3) set location 1 to The shire
4) set location 2 to Mordor
5) read the error